Our Value Proposition

We are proud to consistently deliver exceptional results and enable our clients to achieve long term success.

Our unique offering has been carefully refined for over 35 years to ensure that we offer the greatest possible value. We enable you to accurately assess nuanced project risks while delivering responsive service to your borrowers. This is all delivered though a simple, yet powerful system that also helps your team align to compliance requirements.

Mitigate Risks

Consistent Assessments: Standardized processes nationwide ensure that your portfolio is monitored reliably.

Quality Control: Every report is reviewed by our highly experienced team to ensure accuracy and alignment to best practices.

Transparent Insights: Intuitive options to quickly:

  • Assess your portfolio
  • Review issues and detect possible delays.
  • Securely message and share documents


Ensure Compliance

Aligned to FDIC Best Practices: Objective 3rd party assessment of collateral. Documentation and controls in place to assist with TRID compliance.

Compliant Pricing Options: Enable clear visibility into customer pricing per CFPB audit requirements.

Lender-Qualified Vendor:
✓ Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insured

✓ Cyber insurance policy protected

✓ Disaster recovery plan on file

✓ Cyber security verified by 3rd party assessment

✓ Technology systems fully hosted on AWS

✓ System avoids use of non-public private information (NPPI) to ensure security


Streamline Operations

Rapid Turnaround TIme: Receive project reports within two business days of request.

Seamless Access: Fully encrypted web-based platform ensures access and visibility to project details, ordering, and status tracking.

Eliminate Tedious Workflows: Decrease overhead requirement and complete more loans in less time and within budget.

Real TIme Insights: Gain visibility in each project’s status, as well as portfolio-level performance.

Improved Efficiency: Allow your processing team to handle more projects, in more locations, without increasing administrative overhead.

Getting Started

Contact us today to get started wherever your project may be.
Using our system requires no technical integrations, minimum orders, or hidden fees.

Start your project

Once you’re logged in, simply press a button and upload project documents to get the ball rolling!

We'll handle it

Our team will immediately begin work to setup your project in our system and match it with a vetted inspector.

After each inspection, reports are reviewed by our experienced services team for accuracy and consistency.

See results

Within two business days, your report and associated photos will be available for review on our web application.

Let us prove it

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