Risk Mitigation

Expert risk mitigation support for pre-close diligence


Trusted Support For Pre-Close Diligence

Take advantage of our experienced team of industry experts to quickly assess projects of any type and avoid costly assumptions. Our pre-close risk mitigation services are available on-demand, allowing your organization the flexibility to rapidly scale without assuming additional fixed costs.

Expert Risk Insights

Our experienced team of industry veterans balance nationwide data with real-time market insights when evaluating a project. 

Leverage our track record of 35+ years of experience across thousands of projects every month - and lend with confidence.

Save Time & Money

Construction projects are challenging - but investing in due diligence up-front mitigates exposure to costly risks over the long run.

An objective third-party perspective not only helps guard against unforeseen risks, but may also allow underwriting to move faster.


Scale On-Demand

With nationwide coverage, our team can support growing lending programs, the expansion to new regions, or exploration of new types of projects. 

Move quickly without the time, cost, and risk of expanding your internal overhead.

Project & Cost Reviews

By their very nature, construction project are fraught with risk and uncertainty. Project and Cost Reviews allow lenders to detect potential issues before it's too late - and set conditions for a smooth process after closing. 

In delivering a Project and Cost Review, our experienced specialists take an in-depth look at the proposed project's documentation, compare it with nationwide cost data and real-time market insights to deliever the insights you need:

  • Assess whether total funding is adequate for the project as specified
  • Verify that funds are appropraiately distributed across budget line items
  • Ensure the budget contains appropriate detail for post-close monitoring

Contractor Reviews

For projects that experience delays and cost overuns, the underlying cause can often be traced back to the general contractor. Ensure the projects you're funding are being managed by qualified professionals:

Experian Credit Report:

  • Business information: including includes key personel, estimated sales, entity type, and incorporation date
  • Business Credit Score based on number of recently active commercial accounts, length of time on file, ratio commercial balances
  • Financial stability and risk rating, based on bankruptcies, liens, judgements filed, number of active commercial accounts, and total number of employees

Reference Verification:

  • NorthWest Construction Control will also contact multiple prior associates of the contractor to verify experience, document outcomes, and confirm data
  • The reference verification process is designed overall to detect potential character and/or competence flags prior to a project's start date

Pre-Construction Inspections

Unforeseen challenges at the project site can lead to expensive or costly delay. Quickly confirm assumptions and detect risks with a pre-site visual inspection completed by one of our expert inspectors:

  • Visual confirmation of key utilities and/or infrastructure
  • Identify risks such as standing water, steep grades, or drainage
  • Document pre-existing structures or other improvements
  • Note potential negative factors such as train tracks, odors, or visible fuel tanks
  • Detailed photo documentation included

Clear Lot Inspections

Confirm that lots are free from potential liens prior to construction beginning on a new project. Our clear lot affidativite/report includes:

  • Confirmation that no labor appears to have been performed on site
  • Verification that no materials have been placed on site
  • Clear definition of lot block sections and address
  • Photo documentation

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