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Collateral Status Reports

Our Collateral Status Reports provide lenders with a independent, review of existing homes with minimal delays or cost. These reports are available nationwide and are often used to determine the property's general condition or document factors that may impact asset value.

These on-site inspections may be ordered as exterior-only assessments, or may include interior reviews along with scheduling an appointment with the occupant.

Contact us for additional details regarding your collateral monitoring requirements.

Insurance Loss Inspections

Our Insurance loss inspections provide mortgage holders an independent, verification of repairs and improvements for damaged properties. These reports can be facilitated at whatever frequency desired.

Reviews include detailed assessment of the budget, scope of work, and specification of materials. Scheduling appointments can be facilitated for occupied residences. 

REO Status Reports

Our REO Status Reports provide an independent verification of assets that may be distressed or lender-owned. These reports can be facilitated at whatever frequency is desired by the lender and are often used to determine the site’s general condition, detect issues that may impact asset value, and identify changes to marketability. These on-site inspections typically include detection of facility damage, hazardous conditions, and maintenance status.

As with all of our lender support services, you'll get your inspection report within two business days of the time you place your order, your project can be tracked via our online web application, and our services are available nationwide.

Contact us for additional details regarding your property status monitoring requirements.

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