Residential Construction Services

Complete services for residential projects


Increase Profitability

Industry-leading inspection turn-times allows lenders to fund requests faster - and increase draw interest on active projects.

More importantly, the NWCC system typically reduces signicifant manual touchpoints and adminstrative costs.

Enable Growth And Scale

Lenders using NorthWest benefit from a standardized process that can be used independantly, or via integration with software partners. 

In either case, we can help you scale fast, with complete coverage across the US

Improve Borrower Service

Reliable turn-times, professional inspections, and predictiable fees help lender maintain strong relationships with their borrowers throughout a construction project.

When the unexpected arises, know that our experienced team is always available to help.

Custom Homes

Bespoke construction projects present uniques challenges to lenders: Frequent changes, shifting timelines, and unique requirements present unique risks and adminstrative hurdles.

At NorthWest, we not only monitor these projects at scale, but we work hard keep lender's protected throughout the process.


Renovation projects always present a unique challenge. At NorthWest, we carefully evaluate the scope of work and specification of materials to ensure everything is aligned with lender expecations.

High Value Estates

For homes above $5M in hard costs, NWCC takes a specialized approach that reflects the increase in complexity. 

Smaller Multi-Family

We recognize that different lenders have different approaches to modest multi-family projects involving a few townhomes, 6-plexes, and the like. We're happy to work with you on these projects while maintaining streamlined services.

" far the best draw inspection company we've ever had. Just wanted to give you a big thank you!!!"

Bismark Mortgage, Capitola

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