Vendor Compliance

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At NorthWest Construction Control we take security very seriously. We know that the trust of our lenders is our most valuable asset and we take care to protect your team from potential risk. As a field services network, we start by ensuring that sensitive information never even interacts with our system. 

Our technology system is fully hosted on the cloud in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As such, the data centers we operate on comply with the most demanding financial industry requirements and certifications including SOC II, SOC I, ISO 27001, and more. Our system uptime can be seen at this link.

Our system rigorously ensures that customer data is segregated, secure, and safe. Contact us for a copy of a recent 3rd partner cyber assessment - we pass with flying colors.

We've carefully designed our system to operate without the need to access sensitive personal information. That said, we have multiple processes in place to detect and remove personal data that lenders may provide by accident.

Under no conditions do we release customer or client information without prior consent. We understand that confidentiality is paramount and we ensure our team is trained and aware of necessary safeguards.

NorthWest maintains a unified approach to security. Our policies and standards ensure that we're aligned with industry best practices:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Vendor Compliance Protocol
  • Regular Trainings
  • Background Checks

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NorthWest maintains robust insurance coverage including Errors and Omissions (E&O), Commercial General Liability, Umbrella, and Cyber Policies.

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Due Diligence Support

Contact us directly at for specific requests, questions, sample reports, or concerns. We're very familiar with vender diligence processes and would be happy to help.

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