Why Partner With A Nationwide Service Provider?

March 02, 2022

In recent years, construction lenders are increasingly looking to nationwide firms to monitor their construction loan portfolio. Outsourcing these field services provides many benefits relative to coordinating with a local contact or even using in-house inspectors:


1. Streamlined Processes - Nationwide often offer rapid turnaround times for reports, enabling your team to quickly process draws. They also may offer specialized systems for managing your loan portfolio while avoiding tedious, manual processes.

2. Expanded Reach - With a broad network of hundreds or even thousands of vetted inspectors, a nationwide firm enables your construction lend team to handle projects anywhere - enabling business to grow while retaining borrowers.

3. Security and Compliance - In an increasingly regulated environment, nationwide firms may provide enhanced peace of mind as fully qualified vendors carrying their E&O insurance, independent security reviews, cyber insurance, disaster recovery plans, etc.

4. Consistency and Accuracy - Independent inspectors may evaluate projects differently, use different forms, or simply miss something. A nationwide firm often has documented standards and even integrated quality control - ensuring that a common assessment across projects.

5. Broad Perspective - With exposure to thousands of projects with different lenders and across multiple regions, a nationwide service provider may be able to provide insight into best practices or industry trends. 


Founded in 1985, NorthWest Construction Control (NWCC) provides leading lenders with streamlined yet comprehensive field services and risk mitigation solutions. As a provider of critical field services, our process is powered by proprietary technology, a nationwide network of vetted inspectors, and an experienced support team that together enable exceptional service nationwide:

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